Relax MelodiesWhile I do not encourage the use of wifi enables “smartphones” or tablets, there are some apps out there that I find very useful in specific situations. One of these apps is called Relax Melodies. It comes in a free or premium version, in my case the free version is plenty. This app allows you to play a selection of nature sounds and even allows you to create your own blends. Why do I recommend this app specifically? Well it is a perfect sound buffer to provide you with extra privacy and piece of mind when doing your coffee enemas. Some people might get a little self conscious and this app can provide just the sound buffer you are looking for. You can read more about this app or download it here.

When using your smartphone or tablet make sure it is on airplane mode with wifi disabled – you do not need wifi to be on to use this app and actually running it off line removes all the adds. Another neat feature is the alarm option which can help wake you up gently with the sounds of your choice.