Let me introduce you to the best of wireless providers: Ting.

ting affordable wireless provider

With Ting, one of the smartest and most affordable wireless providers, ¬†you only pay for what you use, so if you are a big texter but don’t talk a lot or if you talk but don’t use much data, well why pay the big unlimited price when you could just pay for exactly what you actually use? Makes perfect sense right?
Another great idea Ting had was to not lock you into any type of contract, you pay for what you use and that is all, want to go somewhere else, go for it, they won’t charge you a dime to leave.

Ting operates on the Sprint network, so if you are already with Sprint you can switch over today. If you are with another carrier they have some really great deals to help you switch like paying up to 75% of your early termination fees and more.

So if you like quality, control and in this case saving a large amount of money, switch over to Ting today. My bill for 2 phones is about $28/month – oh yes you can add as many phones as you want on your account for an extra $6 per month – no limits – Enjoy!