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As the title of this post mentions, GivingAssistant is a unique service that offers Double Cash Back at any of the 1.000+ online stores they partner with. I will be sharing many ways to shop smart on this site and using GivingAssistant is one of the easiest ways to make sure your are getting the most bang for your buck. Using this site is also the best way to dominate online deals during the holidays and special sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

What is GivingAssistant
Shopping online is now totally mainstream and the competition is massive. Shoppers are no longer limited to shop where they live, they have access to stores literally all over the world. So the big names are now competing with web savvy mom and pop stores. What does this mean for you? Better deals! That’s right, there have never been more rebates, coupons or discounts available to shoppers. The trick is to find one centralized place to get all the best coupons and discounts so you can maximize your savings and time when you shop online. That is exactly what GivingAssistant offers.GivingAssistant2

This great free website acts as an intermediary between you and your favorite online stores. GivingAssistant is rapidly growing in the world on online rebate sites because unlike other sites it gives the consumer 100% of their commision – this is what is called Double Cash Back. GivingAssistant sends their partner stores buyers and it gets a commission which it passes on to you. Other sites share a portion of the comission with you and will have special deal days where they offer double cash back. Giving Assistant offers you the full comission every day for every qualified purchase. This massive shopping portal of sorts offers cash back and coupons to almost all your favorite online stores. Cash back is paid in days not months months either by check, to your paypal account or even to your debit card!

What is Cash Back
You are familiar with online coupons I imagine, you enter a code and are given a discount. Cash Back works a little differently because it puts cash back in your pocket. When you browse the GivingAssistant store list you will see the cash back % on each store page along with special coupons. For example Amazon 2.5 to 5% cash back. What this means is that when you click on the link to go to Amazon, GivingAssistant keeps track of how much you spend there and will give you the equivalent 2.5-5% of your purchased items back on your GivingAssistant account. So spend $100 on the website and you will get $2.5 to $5 from GivingAssistant. Doesn’t seem like a lot? Believe me it adds up fast. 

How to use GivingAssistant
Once you have created your free GivingAssistant account, then you can enter their member only content area. This is over 1.000 online stores that offer discount and cash back exclusively for GivingAssistant members. So whenever you need to buy anything online, go to GivingAssistant.org first and see what cash back offers they have. Click on your stores link and voila cash back is guaranteed!

What makes G.A. an even better site
GivingAssistant believes in sharing and doing good, so not only do they extend 100% of their comission to their members but they also give them the opportunity to very easily donate a % of their earnings to the charity of their choice. To do so, simply go into your account, select the charity you want to support and the % of your earning you want to give and voila! GivingAssistant will take care of the donations automatically. Shop Online Get Cash Back Do Good!

Use a credit card that gets you points or cash back to shop online. Many cars offer 1% or 2% cash back. Use your card and that is even more bang for your buck. Make sure to pay off your card right away so you can enjoy the cash back without any of the fees or penalties, we want to shop smart no increase debt.

Last tip: One way to save big is to make sure you do all your holiday shopping using this simple method. You will save money and most times even get a little cash back!

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