I am not a printer expert and actually still own an Hp printer that is probably well over 8 years old at this point. So I will not be recommending any printers here,
I will leave that extensive research up to you. However once you have the printer that fits all your needs you will soon come to realize the real cost behind the slick machine: The Ink!

You may know about generic ink cartridges, use these at your own risk, many printers can recognize these and some will even stop printing all together until you replace the cartridge with a brand name one. So here is a little trick to get original or generic ink cartridges at a fraction of the retail price.

Go to Giving Assistant (if you are not familiar with Giving Assistant click here to read all about it)  and in the store search type ink.

ink discounts

You will see a selection of online stores. Select one that to see how much Cash Back is offered. In this case InkCartridges offers up to 27% Cash Back! Click Shop Now, buy anything you need and your cash back will be sent to your paypal or debit card within 24 hours to a couple days.
 Giving Assistant 27% Cash Back on Ink

Most of these stores have their own discounts on top of the cash back offered by Giving Assistant. Browse a few of the stores and enjoy great savings on your original ink cartridges.

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