What is JGEssentials

JGEssentials is a personal project created with the intention to share products and services that I have tried, tested and continue to enjoy to this day. I always strive to support people and products that are effective, affordable, earth-conscious, chemical-free and offered by responsible people that care. So while this list is far from being […]

Affordable Wireless – Pay what you use

Let me introduce you to the best of wireless providers: Ting. With Ting, one of the smartest and most affordable wireless providers,  you only pay for what you use, so if you are a big texter but don’t talk a lot or if you talk but don’t use much data, well why pay the big […]

Relaxation and Discretion App

While I do not encourage the use of wifi enables “smartphones” or tablets, there are some apps out there that I find very useful in specific situations. One of these apps is called Relax Melodies. It comes in a free or premium version, in my case the free version is plenty. This app allows you […]

Fast Reliable Affordable Website Hosting

I have used many hosts over the past 20 years of making websites. Your hosting provider should offer the best service possible at the most affordable and realistic price. Less is not more in the hosting world and the last thing you want is an unreliable or unresponsive support staff if/when you have a problem. I […]

Skin and Shower Essentials

I will be updating this article as times goes by and as I find more options. The main focus of this article is to share non-toxic options for your skin, whether this be shampoo, conditioner, body wash or even lotion. Body Wash I used to be a fan of Dr. Bronner liquid castile soap however […]

Get Double Cash Back when you buy Printer Ink online

I am not a printer expert and actually still own an Hp printer that is probably well over 8 years old at this point. So I will not be recommending any printers here, I will leave that extensive research up to you. However once you have the printer that fits all your needs you will soon […]

Non Toxic Enema Kit

This may seem like a strange entry but if you are on a Nutritional Balancing program or on any other program that recommends regular coffee retention enemas then you will know how important it is to have a good bag. I have tried many different kinds from the cheap red bags to the more expensive […]

Giving Assistant Shop Online Get Double Cash Back and Do Good

Quick links: Sign up with GivingAssistant and get Double Cash Back at over 1.000+ online stores! As the title of this post mentions, GivingAssistant is a unique service that offers Double Cash Back at any of the 1.000+ online stores they partner with. I will be sharing many ways to shop smart on this site […]